Medicago Omics Repository

Download Raw Data

All mass spectrometry data was collected on Thermo Fisher instruments and are stored in their native format (.raw).
Due to the size of the data, .raw and .txt files are compressed and stored in the .tar.gz file format. To extract these on a Windows-based system, we recommend using the open source program 7-zip. For unix/linux and Macintosh-based computers, the programs tar and gzip are freely available for extraction.

      • Wild-type and dmi3 aeroponic growth zip
      • Wild-type and dmi3 hydroponic growth .zip
      • Wild-type and nfp hydroponic growth .zip
      • Wild-type and nfp hydroponic growth .zip
      • Nfp upper phase membrane fraction .zip
      • Nfp lower phase membrane fraction .zip
      • Wild-type, nfp, dmi3 microsome fraction .zip
      • Wild-type six
      • Wild-type time
      • Wild-type upper phase membrane fraction .zip
      • Wild-type lower phase membrane fraction .zip
      • RNA results

Download Supplemental Data

      • Protein quantitation .xlsx
      • Localized Phosphoisoform quantitation .xls
      • RNA quntitation
      • Protein Database .fasta
      • All Peptide Identification Results .zip
      • All Protein Hoarder Results .zip
      • All Phosphopeptide Identification Results .zip